Steven stephanie dumpster divers

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Steven stephanie dumpster divers

Their Youtube channel is like no other, packed with crazy, fun stuff but with a solid core of interesting, informative and often very inspiring reselling. We sent over a bunch of questions for Steve and Steph to help us learn a bit more about them and their story…. We have been married since and we met at work when we worked for a construction company that ultimately went out of business when the economy crashed here in California.

We were miserable in our jobs and stressed and our lives had no extra time whatsoever…just filled with work and stress and the daily grind. When we knew our jobs were ending we decided if it was possible, we never wanted to work for someone else again and we started pursuing our own business…but in construction…which we hated.

We started hitting yard sales and thrift stores looking for stuff to resell on eBay. This led to us deciding to ditch the dreaded construction business and try to do this full time if we could swing it!

We found that sourcing was very time consuming especially as beginners! We used to sell only on eBay with the occasional Craigslist and Amazonbut our eyes were opened in when we went to breakfast with our daughter Amanda and were sitting at Starbucks and she was texting with a lady arranging a sale or purchase right there in the Starbucks parking lot for something for our grandson.

Craigslist activity had depleted to almost none but apparently there were these new apps people were using that were all the rage! We sold something that day and have never looked back! When we got our next truckload of 17 pallets of High End department store customer returns kitchen housewareswe decided to challenge ourselves and attempt to sell ALL of it on the local apps!

And we started YouTube channel to document this craziness! Our very first video is awful and boring and is shot portrait not landscape…but we started our channel on that precarious delivery day!

We love everything about reselling…local reselling most of all! No fees, no packaging, no shipping supplies, no eBay phone calls, no glitches, we are in complete control of this chaotic life!

Listing is easier—only a few pictures and no one expects a thorough listing! Meeting with people locally is fun and it is cash in hand immediately!

The downsides to selling locally are scheduling, amount of communication and effort required to get a sale to completion, and of course the dreaded flakes! We have definitely mastered the art of selling locally and have some guidelines and tips we try to follow that minimize the flakes and eliminate no-shows.

steven stephanie dumpster divers

We love to work together and spend every breathing minute together! We really love it so much. We have time for our family now, we have time to enjoy our grandkids and kids and friends….

We do YouTube for us.

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We have so much fun with our YouTube friends and we learn a lot from you and you guys learn a lot from each other. Our chat is extremely lively and fun and full of laughs.

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Wherever this crazy reselling adventure takes us we will go and take YouTube with us—whoever wants to join in on the fun, we welcome you! Below are the 2 videos from our channel that Steve and Steph joined us on, take a look. I cannot recommend their videos enough, full of joy and humour, and beneath it all are 2 very successful resellers who know a thing or two about how to make money!!

Like Like. I love you and what you do I tried to dumpster dive but I had someone to tell me it was illegal because of spit and it could make you sick.

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What are your thoughts on this? I really had fun and was only told one time to leave. Steve and Stephanie I watch you as often as I can.By Amanda Woods. February 11, pm Updated February 11, pm. A woman who went dumpster-diving in North Carolina never came out alive — and authorities now believe they have found her remains at a local landfill.

Stephanie Cox, 30, of Burlington, was alone when she attempted to collect items from a dumpster behind a Five Below store, part of the Alamance Crossing strip mall, shortly after midnight on Jan. No one else was on the property between when Cox showed up and the truck arrived, according to video cops reviewed. Her family reported her missing to the Greensboro Police Department just before 8 that evening. Poor weather conditions had halted the search for Cox since Thursday — but when investigators resumed the search Monday, they found remains believed to be hers around 5 p.

Cox has been located.

steven stephanie dumpster divers

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Focus on Friends:- Steve & Steph – The Resale Killers

Comment required. Enlarge Image. Stephanie Cox Burlington Police. More On: missing persons. Read Next Wisconsin swim coach allegedly set up hidden cam in locker Share Selection. Nordstrom takes an extra 25 percent off clothes, accessories and more. Lululemon offers up to 75 percent off apparel, accessories and more.

steven stephanie dumpster divers

Anthropologie takes extra 25 percent off sale items. Stuart Weitzman takes 50 percent off sneakers, sandals and more. Now On Now on Page Six. Now On Now on Decider.Her vehicle was found unattended in a service drive behind a row of businesses in Burlington, and police determined the vehicle had not been reported stolen. After an investigation, police said they believed Cox was attempting to collect things from a dumpster shortly after midnight and that she did not exit the dumpster prior to its being serviced at a.

A review of associated video shows that she arrived alone and that no one else was on the property until the garbage truck arrived to service the dumpster, police said. Police believed the contents of that dumpster were taken to Uwharrie Environmental, a landfill in Montgomery County. Remains that are believed to be Cox were found there on Monday at about 5 p. Police say Uwharrie Environmental is cooperating with the investigation. Cox has been located. A GoFundMe has been started to pay for her funeral.

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Taking a cue from two European soccer leagues, Major League Baseball will play crowd noise from its official video game through ballpark sound systems during games. Skip to content. Stephanie Cox is seen in a photo released by the Burlington Police Department. Close Modal Suggest a Correction Your name required. Your email required. Report a typo or grammatical error required.

Read the Full Article. More News. Tweets by KTLA.Dumpster dive, explore abandoned places, and salvage abandoned places. We go on adventures to crazy places all over the world and find what you would never believe.

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My goal is to start a reality show about dumpster diving. About Youtuber Daily dumpster diving vlog. Watch me hit all the popular stores and see what we can find. United States About Youtuber We are a blended family of five.

On this channel you'll watch us in our daily lives, occasional vlogs, cute videos of our pets, challenges, you can even watch us teach you how we create Alkaline Electric recipes following Dr. We also do a little dumpster diving, and more! United States About Youtuber I live in a small town 1, people where i go dumpster diving at the local thrift store, twice a week and film what i find, i save lot of useful stuff out of the trash and give it to people that can use it, Hope you enjoy!

United States About Youtuber I'm just like all of you watching. I love video games and I love having the thrill of dumpster diving. Well maybe you only like the first one but I love both.

A woman's remains were found at a landfill. Police believe she was 'dumpster diving'

We are going to bring you to places that you have never been before. You will get to sit back, laugh, and enjoy the ride. Our content ranges from dumpster diving, Yard sale-ing, thrifting, gaming and much more!! We love sharing our finds with all of you. The best part is, you can do it too! So get out there and enter the adventure! Our main goal is to make you laugh, and enjoy the time you spent watching us freak out over the awesome fortunes we find!

I make videos about video games. I also collect and dive. I'm just a 25 year old man-child who likes cream soda and penguins. Your pick. About Youtuber Twins who love to dumpster dive!By Joshua Rhett Miller. February 14, am Updated February 14, am. Remains found at a landfill in North Carolina have been confirmed as those of a missing woman last seen dumpster-diving in late Januarypolice said.

Investigators in Burlington confirmed Wednesday that the body found Monday at Uwharrie Environmental in Montgomery County has been formally identified as Stephanie Cox, 30, who was last attempting to collect items from a dumpster behind a clothing store on Jan.

Relatives told police that it was not uncommon for Cox to search for reusable items from dumpsters. Video showed that the woman was alone when she was collecting items behind a Five Below store at the Alamance Crossing strip mall, police said. Police suspect that Cox failed to get out of the dumpster before a garbage truck came to empty it in the early morning hours of Jan. Police believe the contents of the dumpster were taken to Uwharrie Environmental, where her remains were discovered. Cox, of Burlington, was reported missing to police just before 8 p.

In addition to the inherent safety risks, the practice of scouring dumpsters for food or other reusable items can lead to illnesses because they may be contaminated with bacteria. Groups of freegans even organize meet-ups throughout the country, including one scheduled for Saturday in New York. Read Next. Chinese couples separated over coronavirus get creative on This story has been shared 53, times.


This story has been shared 40, times. This story has been shared 39, times. Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories? Not Now Yes Please. View author archive email the author follow on twitter Get author RSS feed. Name required. Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. Stephanie Cox Facebook. Remains of woman who disappeared dumpster-diving believed to be found in landfill.

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Read Next Chinese couples separated over coronavirus get creative on Share Selection.The death of a North Carolina woman whose body was found at a landfill is shedding light on the dangers of Dumpster diving. Investigators determined that Cox never emerged from the Dumpster before it was serviced by a garbage truck. North Carolina woman Stephanie Cox was found dead in a landfill after police said she was likely dumpster diving.

Dumpster diving has been a common practice for decades among people aiming to reduce their carbon footprint by digging for discarded products that can be recycled as new. But there are myriad health and safety risks associated with the practice.

Health experts have warned against Dumpster diving for food because it can be contaminated with bacteria when left outside for too long. An event on MeetUp. Waste has a staggering financial burden on the U. People have been Dumpster diving for decades to resue food and items that can be recycled or refurbished and resold. And food is one of the No. A number of people who consider themselves professional Dumpster divers have made a fortune by being thrifty despite the safety risks.

The Supreme Court in 's California v. Greenwood found that when someone tosses an item in a public place, a right to privacy isn't violated if someone recovers it. Continue Reading Below.Eighner supports his claims by providing detailed examples on his experiences of living life as a dumpster diver.

He then concludes his essay by implying that there are worse things to be than a dumpster diver. In the beginning of, "My Daily Dives in the Dumpster," Eighner determines the reason why he likes to be called a "scrounger" over any other name.

40 Dumpster Diving Youtube Channels To Follow

He believes this term is "a sound and honorable niche p. He then goes on to explain how every item he owns comes from dumpsters and the stages of learning to dumpster dive.

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Eighner describes that, "the new scavenger is filled with disgust and self-loathing p. Eighner then states that the first stage will pass over time as the scrounger gets used to what they are becoming. In the second stage, Eighner notes that the new scroungers will understand that, "people do throw away perfectly good stuff p. He also acknowledges that "perfectly good" food can also be found in dumpsters and majority of it can be eaten, but that there are reasons for it to be discarded.

In the middle of the essay, Eighner recalls areas where he would scavenge for food. The first site was a pizza delivery shop where workers made pizza incorrectly or delivered it late. He is able to have a decent supply of meals from the discarded boxes full of pizza.

The second site was a college campus dumpster, where he believes the dumpsters are loaded with goods. He is able to tell why the students' food is discarded.

Both of these dumpster diving sites prove Eighner's point that society throws away anything with minor imperfections. He also describes another type of dumpster divers called can scroungers. He provides background information about his attempt to be a can collector and acknowldeges his disgust for it. Eighner determines that the can scroungers are messy people who only look for cans and leave a mess so other scroungers can't benefit from the trash.

He is also disgusted by how can scroungers look through personal garbage cans. Eighner states that going through individual cans is a "personal kind of invasion p.

In the end of the essay, Eighner concludes that being a dumpster diver is "often surprisingly pleasant p. He then goes on to state that the middle and low class are different from himself and the rich by saying that "we both know there is plenty more where whateve we have came from p. The essence of this essay's argument is proven by how the "rat-race millions" spend their energy on materialistic items rather than the basic necessities of life.

Stephanie's Online Portfolio. Search this site. Home Sophomore Year 10th Grade Reflection. Passion Project. Song Of My Life. Stuck At Prom Scholarship.


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